Our Presidential Candidate

This fall we will be getting our candidate, Jill Stein, elected President.  Join us!


Mission Statement

What we want

The Green Party demonstrates what a real party, dedicated to the common good, looks like.  Our platform shows what we think "the common good" is, right here in the Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater area.  Check it out!

Our values are unique among American parties -- check them out here.  The Democratic Party pays lip service to many of our values, such as the environment, social justice.  But no other party matches our commitment to a community-based economy.  We believe people should produce what they need out of local resources if possible, keeping the benefits (in products and profits) right there in the community. 

The strategies we employ

We conduct ongoing community education in the form of events and displays (public presentations, testimony, drama, even civil disobedience) to make our concept of the common good real and tangible. 

We also try to elect candidates who stand for those values and would act on them if elected.  Our candidates give form and substance to the platform we have constructed.   Jill Stein embodies many of our ideals and we are happy to support her as our Presidential candidate. 

If you think you might like to help with this project of grassroots democracy, please get in touch with us at 360-232-6165. 

Scheduled Meetings

Monthly meetings are the first Thursday of the month, at 7 PM.  In warmer months they are at Bigelow City Park. 

  • Directions to Bigelow City Park:  Go down State Avenue (west), turn onto Tullis on the right (or, go up Fourth Avenue (east), and turn onto Tullis on the left).  Go six or seven blocks to Bigelow Park on the right.  It's a small park so you'll see us.
Other monthly meetings
In colder months, monthly meetings are held at the Eagles Club (social room).  These are working meetings to plan for the next few months.  We expect our Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Directors to attend, but other members are of course welcome as well.